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Session Introduction

Jasmin Ahmad

Institute of Community Ophthalmology, Bangladesh

Title: Headache in childhood: Association with refractive and orthotics problem

Jasmin Ahmad MBBS, DO, FCPS (OPHTHALMOLOGY) working as Professor, Institute of Community Ophthalmology (ICO) and Consultant Medical Retina & Uvea Clinic, Bangladesh Eye Hospital Chittagong. As Professor and teaching faculty of Institute of Community Ophthalmology (ICO) she is involved with delivering regular lecture, provide training the teaching to the Post graduate students of Diploma, MS, FCPS course of Ophthalmology. She is also engaged with the examination system of BCPS & BSMMU. For the first time in the country, she started working as clinical lead of a digital screening program of Diabetic Retinopathy and Tele-Ophthalmology (DRETT) project (from 2010 to 2019) after her training at LVPEI in Hyderabad 2008 and Singapore national Eye Centre 2010. She was awarded with most prestigious “MA Matin gold medal” by Ophthalmic Society of Bangladesh in 2016. She achieved MBBS in 1992; DO Dhaka University in 1998 and FCPS Ophthalmology in July 2001. She is involved with research work and has more than 30 publications in different international and national journal; notably she has publication in prestigious JAMA Network Open and in Journal of Diabetes Research Reviews & Reports. She also participated as speaker in different national and international conference.


Aim: To find out the prevalence of headache within the pediatric population attending in a Pediatric Ophthalmic clinic and to evaluate the relation with refractive error and orthoptic problems.

Study design: Prospective observational study.

Method: Clinical data were collected prospectively as all children who attended the clinic with complain of headache. Headache with any ocular pathology and neurological abnormal findings were excluded from this study.

Result: Among 4167 patients, 556 (12.79% of total attendance) were present with complain of headache in pediatric outpatient department from 10th April 2004 to 10th June 2004. Among them male were 326 and female were 230. 219 (39.389%) children had orthoptic problem. 121 (21.762%) had refractive error (77 of them had different types of astigmatism; 15 had myopia; 29 had hypermetropia). Most of them had mild refractive error (± 0.25D to ± 1.25D)). Among all, 23 (4.136%) patients had combine refractive and orthoptic problems. 4 (0.719%) showed manifest squint. 6 had amblyopia. 212 (38.129%) patients suffering from migraine, functional headache or tension headache.

Conclusion: A significant number of pediatric patients suffering from headache due to refractive error and orthoptic problems. So, proper orthoptic examination should be included in the protocol of headache evaluation in pediatric cases. This study will hopefully stimulate future study in this regards.